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Vitaledi – Health, youth and beauty

Composition (in% ratio):
Perga 29
Molasses 2.9
Honey 3.34
Wax 0.02
Propolis 0.2
Powdered royal jelly 0.05
Shatavari extract 0.03
Talc 0.12
Vegetable oil 0.02
Sugar 13.1
Powdered sugar 47.5

Recommended use: 2 tablets 3 times a day, after meals. Chew.

In the modern world, a woman is subject to frequent stress, overexertion, is deprived of the possibility of proper nutrition, is exposed to stress and the harmful effects of the environment, which leads to disruptions in the functioning of the whole body, increased morbidity and premature aging.

Vitaledi is just what you need in this eternal bustle.

Perga for women is exactly the natural medicine that can solve many women’s problems. The beneficial properties of royal jelly are enormous, but the most important and valuable result that the intake of royal jelly gives for women is an increase in fertility and an increase in the chances of pregnancy with prolonged infertility. The benefits of drone milk for women are invaluable, because this substance is very saturated with progesterone, estradiol and testosterone (to a lesser extent), which means that it can improve the functioning of the endocrine system, restore its balance and enhance the synthesis of precisely those hormonal substances in which the organs needs most. All this has a beneficial effect on the work of the reproductive system – the menstrual cycle is improving, the mode of release of eggs from the follicles is restored (in modern times, a large percentage of women suffer from infertility precisely because the eggs do not leave the follicles on time, and the sperm cannot fertilize them ). As we can see, this unique beekeeping product is full of useful substances.


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