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Live natural raw-pressed vegetable oil is a natural, tasty and healthy product.

We make it on an oak press, the oil has no contact with the metal, which means there is no oxidation. There is no mechanical heating of raw materials, as in an oil press with a screw system, and the “working” temperature of the oil does not exceed room temperature (24 ° C). Only this way of production keeps intact the vitamin and mineral composition of the oil, its aroma and taste.

The composition of raw-pressed sunflower oil looks like it was prepared in a pharmacy:

  • Up to 63% linoleic acid or Omega-6, required for the process of hormonal synthesis.
  • More than half the daily value of β-sitosterol and 11 more phytosterols (used in anti-cancer therapy), which are lost during the refining of sunflower oil.
  • Double the daily intake of vitamin E, vital for blood and skin diseases, as well as muscular dystrophy and impotence.
  • Six micro- and macroelements (Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn, Si, P) that support the work of human internal organs and systems.

Also, living sunflower oil contains lecithin, which is a “building block” of liver and brain cells.


  • In everyday life, raw-pressed oil from sunflower seeds is an excellent external remedy for insect bites, minor burns and dermatological diseases.
  • Ingestion (1 tablespoon per day) is useful for those who suffer from gastrointestinal and liver diseases, constipation, diabetes, nervous disorders and anemia.
  • Live sunflower oil is especially recommended for women with hormonal disorders and for children for the prevention of muscular dystrophy.
  • Women’s wisdom: if you want your eyelashes to be thick, rub sunflower oil into your eyelids. Raw-pressed sunflower seed oil has the same firming effect on hair and nails.
  • For the skin, living sunflower oil is indispensable both in the composition of moisturizing and nourishing masks, and on its own for healing small cracks, scratches, wounds and burns.

The taste of raw-pressed sunflower oil does not look like a store-bought one. It is so delicate and delicate that it can be added to pastry cream. Still living oil from sunflower seeds looks good in sauces, including mayonnaise, known for its capriciousness. And in itself is a decoration for any salad. It is better not to spend on a frying pan, since frying will turn the beneficial substances of the living oil into toxins.

Storage: Due to its sensitivity to temperature and oxidation rate, it is stored for no longer than four months in a place protected from light and heat.


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