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Pumpkin seed and honey paste




Pumpkin seed paste and honey A treasure trove of vitamins and minerals without harming the figure

The beneficial properties of pumpkin seeds are significant. They perfectly stabilize blood pressure, especially useful for hypertensive patients. People with seasickness are aware of the effectiveness of pumpkin seeds for nausea. Also, pregnant women in the initial stages are saved from severe toxicosis by pumpkin seeds. These wonderful seeds are extremely effective in lowering blood sugar levels.

People who suffer from persistent constipation can help themselves by eating pumpkin seeds.

It is reasonably believed that it is pumpkin seeds that remove harmful lead and cadmium from the body.

Low-calorie pumpkin seeds and honey are a delicious dessert that is a good support for the body during fitness and other types of physical activity, as it will help you lose weight, while maintaining muscle mass.


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