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You can also purchase our products in Ufa, at Rubezhnaya st., 174 in the Mega shopping center (opposite Auchan) and in Sterlitamak on the Central Market

Creamy honey with pollen



Honey 90%

Pollen 10%



Creamy honey with pollen strengthens the immune system

It helps to cope with colds, overwork, has a positive effect on the condition of the heart and blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure and improves blood composition. Honey with pollen is primarily a source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and enzymes. Has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, urinary and choleretic, tonic effect. Stimulates the immune system, regeneration processes. Tidies up the nervous system, endocrine system. The vitality rises, the liver tissue and heart muscle are restored. The blood composition and elasticity of blood vessels are improved. The growth of cancer cells is blocked, the production of its own interferon occurs, and many others. etc.

Whipped honey has a soft, creamy consistency, retains all the beneficial properties of natural honey and pollen.


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