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Creamy honey with ginger and lemon



Cream honey with ginger and lemon strengthening the immune system

It is effective not only in the fight against colds, but also in the burning of fats, strengthening the immune system, and improving cerebral circulation. And besides that, it is very delicate in taste, aromatic and always at hand, since this mixture does not lose its beneficial properties, thanks to the excellent preservative – honey.You no longer need to rub the ginger root and run to the store for a lemon, because the best remedy for the first symptoms of a cold is already in front of you in one jar!

We took care of you and created the most useful mix, which is so famous for its benefits for the body.

Cream-honey with lemon and ginger contains a lot of useful substances – potassium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, sodium, amino acids, vitamin C.



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