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Cream honey with caraway seeds Has a beneficial effect on all body systems

In the East, black cumin is considered not only an excellent spice, but also a real medicine. Black cumin has a beneficial effect on almost all body systems, increases its resistance, relieves inflammation, tones the brain, improves mood, helps to cope with pain, reduces stomach acidity, removes toxins and destroys viruses. Eastern healers recommend taking a teaspoon of whole or ground seeds every day in pure form or with honey.

Natural honey – produced by the honey bee from plant nectar, has a stimulating, anti-allergic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory effect. Contains almost all trace elements that make up the blood. The content of vitamins (group B, E, K, PP), as well as a number of microelements, enhance a number of medicinal properties of cumin, which is already simply enormous. This fact gives reason to believe that these two products can defeat any disease, provided that a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude are observed.


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