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Creamy honey with bee bread



Honey 90%

Perga 10%



Creamy honey with bee bread Natural medicine

Perga (bee bread) is a type of collected honey bee pollen, which bees can preserve in order to feed the younger generation in the autumn-winter period. This product has a pronounced taste of multivitamins and in terms of nutritional value, bee bread exceeds ordinary pollen by 3 times: 16 amino acids, 13 fatty acids, vitamins, macro-micro elements …

For humans, bee bread, enhanced by the healing properties of honey, is a natural medicine:

– helps to establish the correct functioning of all internal organ systems,

-For women: improving hormonal levels, rejuvenation, combating stress;

-For men: improves the condition in many diseases and problems of the functioning of the genitourinary system, improves potency, has a positive effect on sexual desire.

– Bee bee has the most effective effect on the child’s body. It can correct and improve the work of many organs, have a beneficial effect on memory


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