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Cream honey with royal jelly



Honey 99%

Royal jelly 1%



Cream-honey with royal jelly One of the most balanced natural biostimulants

Honey with royal jelly is recommended for use in case of decreased immunity, memory impairment, insomnia, with various viral infections to maintain the body, with tuberculosis, atherosclerosis. Honey with royal jelly is an excellent means of preventing cancer and other diseases, helps to stabilize blood pressure, has a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels, which is especially useful for patients with hypertension. This product has a positive effect on recovery from heart attacks and strokes.

Royal jelly is a miraculous elixir that bees use to feed their offspring and the head of their family, the queen. To appreciate the biological power of this substance, think about it: thanks to it, in just three days, ordinary bees transform from a microscopic larva into an adult insect, increasing their weight one and a half thousand times. And the larva of the future queen manages to get three thousand times fat in a week!

Royal jelly contains 22 types of amino acids, about 100 micro- and macroelements, enzymes, as well as phytoncides (natural antibiotics) and immunoglobulins.

The combination of trace elements in this product has a regenerative effect, thereby increasing life expectancy. Modern research has shown that oxydecic acid, which is part of royal jelly, can have an anti-cancer effect. The constant use of honey with royal jelly helps to improve the physical condition and tone of the body, reduces nervous fatigue, heals stress and depression. The use of royal jelly is also advisable for various viral infections, since this product has bactericidal and antimicrobial properties. Royal jelly has a depressing effect on tuberculosis sticks, streptococci, staphylococci and others.


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