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Chocolate peanut butter




Chocolate peanut butter

The composition of such a paste is simple: peanuts, honey, cocoa beans.

The peanuts are ground on stone millstones to an urbecha-thick oily mass. In this form, it becomes easily digestible, and with the addition of honey and cocoa beans, it acquires a consistency that is convenient for spreading and a kind of indescribable taste.

Peanut butter is popular primarily due to its pleasant taste and satiety, which is given to the paste by amino acids from peanut protein, which accelerate muscle growth and repair damaged tissues, as well as its low price. In addition, the product is rich in B vitamins, which are responsible for the health of the nervous system, brain, hair and skin. The high content of vitamins A, E and C gives the paste the properties of an active antioxidant. P-coumaric acid and beta-sitosterol are effective in preventing cancer, and resveratrol reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Clinical studies prove that peanut butter prevents the formation of gallstones and normalizes the level of hormones, water, and sugar in the body. The paste is especially useful for women, as its substances protect the female body from developing colon cancer. Strength athletes can use the product to increase endurance and rapid muscle growth. Fatty acids can help older people avoid vascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.


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