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Chocolate nut paste




Chocolate nut paste. Natural analogue of “Nutella”.


Hazelnuts, honey, cocoa beans

Hazelnut paste – will make your morning even kinder. The delicate taste of hazelnuts combined with delicate honey and chocolate is a delicacy that you do not need to look for – you need to stop in time so that the pasta does not run out so quickly!

Hazelnut paste is obtained by grinding hazelnuts on stone millstones to the state of urbech. Then honey and cocoa beans were added to it. 3 ingredients, prepared according to the correct technology, create an easily digestible tasty and healthy product.

Our hazelnut paste contains a lot of protein, B vitamins, vitamin A, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus. It also contains substances that contribute to the removal of toxins.

Natural honey not only gives our peanut butter a delicious taste, but makes it even healthier. After all, honey also contains a large amount of vitamins, strengthens the immune system, has a positive effect on many organs and improves mood!

Chocolate cheers up and has many more useful properties!

Chocolate nut spread goes well with baked goods, yoghurts, breakfasts and salads. It is used as an additive in the preparation of sweets, chocolate, desserts, liqueurs and halva. And, of course, it is perfect for a regular tea party!


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