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You can also purchase our products in Ufa, at Rubezhnaya st., 174 in the Mega shopping center (opposite Auchan) and in Sterlitamak on the Central Market


Bashkirs like to drink tea with heavy cream, honey, dried fruits, nuts and chak-chak. Bashkirs prefer black tea with oregano (matrushka). In addition to oregano, St. John’s wort, thyme, berry leaves, currants, cherries, strawberries, wild strawberries are put in tea.

The Bashkirs have a very popular expression – “drink tea”, which means “have a little snack” – it is quite obvious that such “tea” can replace breakfast or lunch in its satiety. And if someone in Bashkortostan complains that in the morning he drank only one tea, do not rush to sympathize: it is unlikely that this person has been starving all day!

Try our unique tea – an excellent tool to support the body during the cold season, when the lack of vitamins and minerals is especially acute. Tea normalizes metabolism, stimulates the body’s defenses and resistance to infections. It has a general strengthening effect, protects against loss of strength and decreased performance. It is a rich source of multivitamins, minerals and bioactive substances.


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