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About company

We make natural products from high-quality Bashkir honey collected in our own apiaries.


We guarantee the quality and naturalness of products.

Fresh products

Always fresh products made to order.


We participate in promotions of retail chains - partners and make discounts to regular customers.


Decent price for our products.

We produce natural products from high-quality Bashkir honey collected in our own apiaries, which are located in the Burzyansky district of Bashkiria. We produce eco-friendly products: we add natural berries and fruits, nuts or bee products to cream honey, herbs for teas are collected in the cleanest regions of Bashkiria. Our production is aimed at creating a natural, healthy product, the kind that consumers are looking for now.

About company

Individual entrepreneur Ruslan Rakitovich Gumerov launched the production of honey from his own apiaries in 2003 under the brand “Wild Honey” and “Bashkir Health Factory”.

Honey is too healthy a product to dislike, so he decided not only to sell honey in its pure form, but also to produce cream honey with various natural useful additives, to make it from honey chocolate and add honey to urbech! Every year the range of products is expanding, improving, becoming more useful and versatile.

What we are currently producing:

  • Natural honey (4 types)
  • Cream – honey with additives (about 30 types)
  • Dragee with bee products
  • Chocolate dragees with honey
  • Herbal teas collected in the reserve “Bashkiria”
  • Butter, raw pressed
  • Chocolate with honey
  • Vitamins for men’s and women’s health

What’s new soon:

  • Freeze-dried berries in chocolate
  • Chocolates with freeze-dried berries
  • Healthy lollipops
  • Medicinal honey mixtures

Industrial apiaries RR Gumerova are located in the southeastern part of Bashkiria in the Bashkiria National Park, on the border of the Kugarchinsky and Burzyansky districts.

The production workshop is located in the village of Mrakovo, Kugarchinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Here we pack honey and produce cream honey, vitamins and dragees with bee products.

Products are sold at their own points of sale in Ufa and Sterlitamak, as well as in large cities of Russia.

2nd place in the world

at the international exhibition of beekeepers "Apimondia" in Korea and Turkey

Own apiaries

We have our own industrial apiaries

Processing workshop

We have our own shop for processing bee products

Apiary location

Our apiaries are located in the Bashkiria National Park in the South Urals.